Heritage Park

The SS Atlantic Heritage Park was developed by a group of volunteers with the goal to restore the two burial sites and monuments and preserve the history of this disaster.

The park is located at the site of the St. Paul's Anglican Church cemetery where 277 of the unidentified victims of the wreck were buried. 

The area had become overgrown and a commemorative monument that was erected in 1915 by the owner of the White Star Line was lost in overgrown brush and bushes for many years until it was found in 1980.

After receiving funding to restore the memorial found in the park, as well as the two burial sites, the Society completed the restoration in the spring of 1981. On July 25, 1981, a re-dedication ceremony was held for the memorial monument and many community members involved proudly attended.

After further successful fundraising, the Interpretation Centre and museum were built and opened on July 28, 2002.

Make sure you leave time on your visit to take a walk through our Heritage Park.  There are boardwalks and walking paths all through the park that you can follow along the shore all the way to the Terence Bay Lighthouse in Sandy Cove.  You never know who you might meet!(Photos compliments of  Blake Maybank).

Along the way you can visit the monument on the burial site of the 277 unidentified victims of the wreck. 
(Photo compliments of Mary Reid).

The gazebo is a great place to view the rocky coast. It is also home to one of the anchors from the S.S. Atlantic.  


Visitors are welcome to the park anytime during daylight hours.

The park is open to visitors year round, but there is no snow removal during the winter season.